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The verdict is in!

Ana C. Barbosa. J.D.

"The level of detail taught was incredible.  The real world examples helped put difficult situations into perspective.  Gerry is a great teacher."

Tracy B. Newmark, Esq.

"Liked the personal hands on training/up to date materials taught by a newly retired judge, mental health professional and skilled mediator."  

Joseph Karp, Esq.

"As a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney who has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit Mediator for many years I learned much more than I expected."  

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Excellent, small group training. The simulations and feedback are invaulable. I highly recommend this course. 

Jeffrey S. Benjamin, Esq. 


Elder Mediation is a coming tool to be used in Florida to resolve the increasing number of elder law- related issues facing the boomer generation. This training gives you the understanding you need to help your mediation practice in this area.

Steven P. Befera

This class was exactly what I needed to learn to help a group of our population that mostly goes unnoticed. I came simply looking for just another method to expand my practice. However, I’m leaving with an entire system of advocating for families. 

Thank you...

Felix O. Padron

I came to the elder law mediation training because I’ve wanted to learn to be a mediator for some time and was waiting for the area that greatly interested me. I was not disappointed. The two-day course was comprehensive, immersive, and interesting. The course was well worth the time and money spent. I would highly recommend it.

Abby Steinberg


This class will add value to my company and my skill set. I drove four hours to get here and of course, had to pay for a hotel; but it was worth every penny. This class expanded my thought process and sharpened my skills as a mediator. The trainers and staff were wonderful, helpful and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this class and these trainers!

Mary I. Ward Markane

I learned a great deal of tips and strategies that are uniquely separate and distinct from my Family and Circuit training. The course allowed me to understand the different approaches required to deal with elder issues. I believe the course has provided me with additional useful tools for my mediation practice. I highly recommend the course. Thank you,

Kevin Dennis

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