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Why choose us

Engaging learning environment 


Our 16 hour program conforms to the highest standards for Elder Mediation Training as promulgated by the Association of Conflict Resolution. We purposely limit the classroom size to enable us to work one-on-one with each individual as needed. Most of us thrive in a smaller learning environment and prefer more hands-on, engaging instruction as opposed to large classroom lectures. In addition, our small class size lends itself to a more casual, interactive learning environment with both real-world role play and interactive instruction woven throughout every session. It also allows all of your questions to be answered in a timely fashion.  

Are you looking for a true profession or just a business ? Do you want to help
families in conflict or to just get a certificate? Why not consider doing it right and
having it all by taking the training program that teaches you the skills needed to
be a valuable guide to families in need and puts you head and shoulders above

YOU want US if:

  • You know that you can help families in conflict


  • You wish to learn new skills

  • You wish to enhance your current career

  • You are looking for a new career

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